चिदानन्दलाभे देहादिषु चेत्यमानेष्वपि चिदैक्याम्यप्रतिपत्तिदाढ्यं जीवन्मुक्ति

When one discovers this joy of awareness, and stabilizes the realization that awareness is one with body, etc.,

even while they are [still] perceivable—that is Jīvanmukti: ‘Embodied Liberation”

The Recognition Sutras, Sūtra 16


Tantrik yoga study

Our experience of life is dependent upon our intentions and habits. We are either creating habits to set ourselves up for sattva (Sanskrit "illumination, purity, wholeness"), and samadhi ("pristine state of mind, a state free from karmic consequences, in which we are fully established in our essential nature"), or habits that keep us in cycles of dissatisfaction and suffering.

According to Tantra, the ultimate goal of Yoga is to awaken our inner fire–what the tradition calls Kundalini, or Prana Shakti. Prana Shakti is the endless force of spirit that lives within each of us, it is the dormant potential that contains all of our unaccessed power and love.

Tantra is a tradition aimed at accessing and assimilating the divine energy in all things, in order to achieve both worldly success and spiritual liberation. Tantra Yoga views the body as a sacred altar and teaches that “worship” means learning to gradually master Prana Shakti. These practices are dedicated to brightening the Prana Shakti, or Kundalini, so we embody it, realizing more joy, love, capacity and embodied freedom.

Prāna is the vital life force without which life cannot exist and which is primarily taken through the breath; the flow of cellular intelligence that governs cellular communication, sensory perception, motor responses, and all subtle electrical impulses of the body.
— Dr. Vasant Lad

Drawing on the science of yoga (meditation, postures, movement, breathwork, mudras, sound & mantra) and Ayurveda, private sessions are designed to reintegrate mind & body, and channel, move and recalibrate the natural rhythm of your prana. This is unlike any yoga you’ve tried before: it’s not based on the rigid, Indian martial arts centric movements that dominate popular yoga, but more on the spiral movements of the body’s natural flow of life force.

These practices will help you break the habits and cycles that leave you feeling overwhelmed and tired, and instead create new habits for health, happiness and vitality. Each session will give you the tools you need to find strength, ease and perspective in your life, while clearing the blocks keeping you from Emodied Liberation.

These sessions are for beginners who want to learn, seasoned practitioners who wish to deepen their practice, and the aching, injured and skeptic alike. Sessions are personalized for your needs.

Each session includes:

𓁿 Consultation

𓁿 65 mins yoga asana practice*

𓁿 25 mins meditation or yoga nidra

*yoga practices may be longer or shorter depending on your needs

One person: 4 sessions is 350€ / 8 sessions is 630€

Two people: 4 sessions is 500€ / 8 sessions is 1,000€

NOTE: I’m not currently taking new clients. To join the waitlist, send me a message using the button below

Two styles of practice to choose from:



Tantra vinyasa employs all the senses, both subtle and gross. The body becomes a ritual vessel for sacred movement meditation. 

Depending on your personal needs, the time of day and the season, sequences may cover a spectrum from a transformative solar practice, to a regenerative lunar practice.

This style incorporates dynamic and creative asana sequencing, pranayama, and a little mantra, dharma and music to flow to.



A nourishing and relaxing session, Restorative yoga stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system and releases tension in the tissues of the body. Restorative yoga balances the more dynamic vinyasa practice. This class offers the chance to address the aches and pains of the body with myofascial release, gentle slow flows, static postures supported by props, pranayama and guided meditation.

Set to a meditative playlist with binaural beats, we'll explore the structural body and the tissues with awareness, using Body Yantra techniques, hands-on bodywork and a whole-lotta-love.