Thai yoga bodywork 

Thai yoga bodywork is an ancient healing system combining acupressure, Ayurvedic principles, and assisted yoga postures. The founding father of Thai yoga was an Ayurvedic doctor named Jivaka Kumar Bhacca, who is still revered in Thailand as the "father of medicine". Born in India around 500 BCE, he is noted in ancient documents for his extraordinary medical skills, his knowledge of herbal medicine, and for having treated important people of his day, including having been the personal physician to Gautama Buddha.

The roots of this healing tradition began in India and spread to Thailand along with Buddhist teachings in the 2nd and 3rd century. Indian Buddhist envoys were sent to Thailand to set up temples, known as wats. Here, the monks practiced their healing arts, spreading both Buddhism and this healing art throughout Thailand. Thai healing arts are influenced by both the Indian and Chinese cultures. Dr. Jivaka’s medical training stemmed from India’s Ayurvedic system, the same science that the yoga tradition developed from. Thus, this system employs a theory of energy pathways similar to the yogic concept of nadis. Both systems consist of approximately 72,000 pathways. In Thai, they are referred to as Sen lines. Although different, these lines can also be compared to the meridian lines in the Chinese system of healing. All three cultures believe that energy flows through the body in pathways, which directly effects the health & integrity of our total being.

This practice is done on a mat on the floor with the client wearing loose, comfortable clothing.  My sessions incorporate assisted stretches, positional release therapy, muscle energy technique, soft tissue manipulation, sound and energy healing techniques. Sessions begin to stretch and open the body while deeply relaxing the client and delivering potent medicine to the body and energy network. Flexibility is not required to receive the benefits, this work can be useful for all body types.

Sessions are typically 90 minutes in length. Please allow an extra half an hour for consultation and closure.

Thai Yoga is available as an additional option to current yoga study and ayurveda students only.