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Westerners, and modern society generally, have a really hard time getting out of their heads. Even the best meaning of us can over-intellectualize esoteric knowledge like yoga and other spiritual practices. If you’re feeling heady – you know, that over-analyzing, critical, missing the-big-picture, disembodied, CRAZY sort of feeling - read through these instructions once, maybe twice, then shut down the screen and practice. Out of your head, into your super smart body.

Take five minutes to do this or an hour. Ad lib as you go, just stay with breath. If you can, do this barefoot on bare earth.

Take your shoes off. 

Stand with feet hips distance apart, micro bend the knees, let them be fluid.

Bring weight onto right foot then slightly step out the left foot. Close your eyes. Everything relax. Soft.

Bring your attention to the bottom of your feet. Stay with the bottom of your feet. Listen with your feet. Listen to the floor, the building, the earth, with your feet.


Bring your attention to your belly. Notice your breathing. Your breath moving in/out of you. Your belly rising on inhale, falling back on exhale.

Watch your belly and breath move naturally for 1-5 minutes.

Then begin to inhale, hands float up alongside you, elbows and shoulders soft, super relaxed like they are floating on top of water which is rising up to shoulder level. No effort.

Exhale begins. Water level descends back down, arms and hands float back down to hover in front of belly.

Inhale – float up again, find stillness – finish inhale.

The breath is a parenthesis to your movements.

Exhale - then descend, find stillness - finish exhale.

The breath is a parenthesis to your movements.


photo by laura dillon rogers, wearing  willow knows

photo by laura dillon rogers, wearing willow knows

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