How I Fly Like a Queen

There is nothing like traveling, and especially air traveling, to burn your juicy sap and wear away your vitality.  While traveling and discovering new places can be thrilling and invigorating, air planes are not so much.

Over the years I’ve managed to stay healthy, luscious and grounded while I fly. Here are the basics:



You probably need to drink more water than you think. While you’re traveling it's especially important. Water keeps you young, juicy, oozing with the vitality of youth and dewy glowing soft skin. It helps you stay energized.  Air travel sucks the water out of you.

Have I convinced you to hydrate? This is how...

i. Sip warm or room temp water throughout the whole trip. Don’t chug a whole bottle of water in one minute because your body won’t absorb it and you’ll immediately pee it out. Sip, steadily. Bring little herbal tea bags with you (I like taking tulsi, ginger, shatavari, oatstraw) and ask the flight attendants for hot water to steep. Sip. Keep sipping hot herbal tea + regular water. Just keep sipping. Don’t worry about asking the fly attendant for so much hot water 😉

ii. Molecular hydrogen. This stuff will save your traveling life. I’ll let you look up the particulars of supplementing with this element and why it’s so incredible, but just know that it will do away with or reduce jet lag, it will help you hydrate on a cellular level (hello mitochondria & myelin sheath). Vital Reaction makes an honest potent product.



i. Even if it’s summer and you’re hot, take 15 mins to massage a rich oil or cream into your whole body and face before you leave the house. Bring a little bottle of oil or cream you can fly with to reapply during flight. Don’t shy away from oil or cream. Modern cosmetic marketing would have us belive that oily is bad, and dry powdery is good, but that’s absolutely backwards. Skin ages due to lack of hydration and elasticity, both of which can be preserved + cultivated with certain oils. Remember, young = juicy, plump, not dry, limp.

ii. Take a little spray bottle that is TSA friendly and fill it with purified water, sesame oil, vitamin E oil, essential oils of calendula, lavender, geranium, chamomile and sandalwood (or whatever the heck mix you like). Spray your face once per hour of flying time. This will reduce puffy eyes, skin bloat and hydrate your skin. You will look like you haven’t been flying a transatlantic flight when you arrive. You will be glowing in the best way. Solar Recover makes a spray I adore, I use it anytime I’m getting lots of sun or flying.

iii. Cover up, wear socks during flight time. We loose moisture via our skin. Help your tissues stay comfortable by wearing natural fibers (cotton, silk...) and covering up. I always pack socks and scarves in my purse, even for summer flights.

iv. Don’t forget to bring an eyemask + neck pillow. Enough said.



i. Nasya (Nose) Oil. This might be foreign to you, but you’re gonna love it if you have sinus pain during flights. Nose oil is commonly used in Ayurvedic regimens. It usually consists of ghee and sesame oil, often infused with herbs or essential oils. Now, you can venture to make your own, or you can buy one that’s ready to go: Banyan Botanicals make a nice one. I put half a dropper in each nostril, keep my head tilted back a while and sniff/snort it up there. Do this once every 2-3 hours during flight. It hydrates and protects the sinus cavity from the harsh recycled cabin air, and honestly makes me feel like a Queen being adorned and bathed in sweet oil. This is important for mental health while flying. Queen yourself. Who cares what your neighbors think! They’ll probably be envious of your travel skills 😊 Nasya oil will change your flight experience. 

ii. Take extra good care of your nose and lungs. The weeks leading up to a flight, I take care to use my neti pot and start using nasya oil more frequently. I drink warm lemon water every day, but twice as much on days I fly. During the flight, I make sure to keep my nasal passage lubricated and sip on hot herbal teas known for their lung benefits: laurel leaf, lemon, peppermint, ginger. A few weeks before, during, and after I travel, I start using more Chyawanprash, a medicinal jam packed with fruits and herbs to boost immunity (it's very high in Vitamin C). Chyawanprash is a great way to get kids more vitamins too. (Note that if you have a problem with too much phlegm, Chyawanprash is sometimes contraindicated. Make sure you're exercising, drinking lemon water and doing things to get more movement through your chest cavity).



Traveling and flying wrecks havoc on our central nervous system. Help yourself get back into the rest & digest parasympathetic nervous system:

i. I like to have Yoga Nidra marathons on long flights, especially since the older I get the less I am able to sleep on flights. Yoga Nidra is a guided relaxation practice that entrains Delta brain waves so much so that it can be as restorative as actually sleeping. You’ll need headphones and pre-loaded Yoga Nidra tracks. There are so many Yoga Nidras out there. I’d do a little research and find some you know you’re going to enjoy. Yoga International is a great place to start.

ii. Binaural Beats, a sound therapy used to entrain certain brainwaves. I like to listen to relaxing binaural beats (delta, alpha, theta) set to nature or meditation music throughout the duration of the flight when I’m not doing Yoga Nidra. This helps get me into my parasympathetic nervous system after all the rushing and inconvenience of flying. It helps create a sanctuary bubble around me. There are binaural beats to help you focus for work, or beats to help you sleep and relax. Again, there is a lot of therapeutic music out there. YouTube has tracks to experiment and discover with; an album I like is this one. If you’re into sound therapy there are also Solfeggio frequencies to look into.



Some plants and supplements that are always a good idea to include in your travel routine,

i. Glutathione, GABA (Gamma-aminobutyric acid), Vitamin C + D, Magnesium, Ashwagandha, Gotu Kola, Skullcap and/or Valerian root, Astragalus, Ginger, Schisandra Berry, Reishi Mushroom, Chaga Mushroom

ii. CBD Oil/Extract. Elixinol makes great hemp derived CBD. This is pure Vata medicine = calming to nervous system, grounding, anxiety and pain reducing.

There are certain foods you can eat to maximize Glutathione and GABA production. Dr. Axe outlines these on his site. Always make sure you’re buying high quality supplements, there are a lot of low quality supplements out there. SeekingHealth is one company I always recommend for supplements. Mountain Rose Herbs and Banyan Botanicals are my go-to companies for bulk and herbal preparations. If you've got a local apothecary, start there.



Have a good, relaxed meal before leaving your home (especially a meal with lots of healthy fats: ghee, coconut or olive oil, avocados…) and then consider fasting while you travel. I recommend packing your own snacks for a long flight, like Dates (my favorite), but refrain from eating otherwise. If you know that you need to eat no matter what, avoid the airplane food, especially airplane meals and meat. It's one thing to order olives or nuts, but that airplane meal is anything but “natural” and it’ll be hard to digest. One reason I recommend fasting is because your digestion is impaired while flying anyway due to cabin pressure and other traveling conditions. Eating a meal you cannot digest well will impair your energy level (that means worsen jet leg) and create more toxins in your system.



Refrain from drinking alcohol while you travel. If you feel the need to drink to relax, try CBD Oil instead, it’s much gentler on the liver. Your liver will already be in over-drive processing all the extra toxins you’re exposed to, like flame retardants in the seat cushions, etc., that you really need to just allow the liver to do the beautiful work it does uninhibited. A super common and misunderstood cause of hormonal imbalances and immune dysfunction is due to the liver being overly taxed. Think about it: your liver must process most of your hormones, plus all the stuff you put in your mouth, breathe through your nose, and absorb through your skin. A wacked out sleep schedule, questionable travel food and the myriad of toxic chemicals you’ll already be exposed to is enough to mess up your sleep and detox cycles for a month. Soften, rest, have fun, without booze.



Stretch often (every hour); massage your head, face, neck, shoulders, arms, hands and feet with that oil you brought (I like using a few drops of essential oil too: try doTERRA's Deep Blue, PastTense, Peace & Balance blends to massage with); meditate; listen to music; put on essential oils… in summary, nourish your 5 senses. Allow yourself the luxury of flying and not being online. All of your senses and nerves are already fired up through the process of traveling, so try to give your mind a break and forgo the wifi. You will arrive at your destination refreshed, ready to work and play hard.

For best results, start these practices and supplements a few weeks before flying, while you travel, and a few weeks after you return home.

✌✈️ flying coach and enjoying it