Bowing to the waves of the universe. Full moon + Mercury retrograde reflects me like ☃️🕉 ☺️🌪😣😭 all within a 24hr period. This is the year of Trust for me. I trust I trust I trust 🕊 

Spread your fingers wide, grip, trust, the earth is beneath you, the earth holds you. 


When I come down to bow Bālāsana, I am reminded of this song from Anita Diamant’s “The Red Tent”. The song is recited while a woman labors to birth her baby. There are so many instances in life in which we will metaphorically birth situations and ourselves into new being. I am birthing a creative project and a new life now. These words rest on my breath daily as I come back to them for comfort. Time is the Midwife.

“Fear not, the time is coming

Fear not, your bones are strong

Fear not, help is nearby

Fear not, Gula (God) is near

Fear not, the baby is at the door

Fear not, (s)he will live to bring you honor

Fear not, the hands of the midwife are clever

Fear not, the earth is beneath you

Fear not, we have water and salt

Fear not, little mother

Fear not, mother of us all!”

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