On the Nature of Change (Bonjour Paris!)


There is a subtle pulsation to everything in this universe. You can at first notice it in the breath and the beating of your heart. Something arises then falls away, arises then falls away. If you concentrate your awareness long enough you will begin to experience what scientist have proven: that everything seemingly solid is vibrating, pulsing, changing, all the time. Experiencing this subtle sub-atomic reality and accepting the constant change of life here, on both the micro and macro level, is the first step in a long journey of self-knowledge and peace.

Sometimes change is gross and easily evident: moving. Literally packing up all your stuff and moving it somewhere – quelle horreur!

I have lost count of the number of times I have moved. My most recent move is the third transatlantic move of my adult life.

As a kid, this orphaned energy of mine felt an underlying anxiety about change. Without the experience of a nuclear family system, or even a community to anchor me, I felt myself blown through the currents of childhood and adolescence, troubled by the chaos around me.

"Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better." Samuel Beckett

Despite all of the preparing we will do, change will still unnerve us at surprising moments. I moved from the beautiful green Charlottesville, Virginia, to the outskirts of Paris, France. My reflex at the large urban metropolitan is that I long for a house, green - my very own quaint homestead with chickens, fresh tomatoes and rows of jars fermenting kombucha and dilly beans. No matter the transition or lack thereof, or the stage of life, everyone needs support. So what are we to do dear friend?

Through yoga, meditation and Ayurveda I came to trust myself deeply. I tapped into a sturdy sense of self and home within. Over and over again I have been forced to reinvent myself, reinvest in myself, and recommit to the woman I’ve always been, as well as the rest of her waiting to be born. It’s hard work, but it makes for a more fulfilling life. And eventually it’s not so hard anymore. We become it, and it becomes our nature. This is because when we begin to train our senses and our energy to tune into the subtle forces of this life, we develop an ease with which we experience changes – the daily grind of modern life included.

Who doesn’t want more easefulness daily?! That’s why I am called to this endeavor: to teach and spread knowledge that Heals. Yes, capital H-Healing. The kind that relieves malaise of the mind and body.

Whether you are a busy professional or caregiver, there is a well of peace and stillness for you to tap into. As a teacher I hold space for you to locate the healing currents in your body. Ultimately, I am not “teaching” anything – we together are creating context for creativity. Making the unconscious conscious. Liberating.

If the law of nature is change, the sciences of Ayurevda and yoga (including meditation) are what help us breathe in unison with this universal law – it’s the Art of Living - a Wisdom of Living in Change – observing It.

Paris was my first home as an adult. Evidently, I have some unfinished karma with this city. I look forward to building a community here. Bonjour Paris. We meet again. I’ve missed you surely.


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